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Usage Policy

The users of this website (the users) are bound by the following terms and conditions laid down by M/S Velnet Non-Conventional Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.(the company).

By visiting this website, it is deemed that all of the following terms and conditions have been accepted by the users. If the users do not agree with all of the following, they should not be using this website. If the users do not accept any part of the terms related to any specific product, service, transaction or activity, then they should not be using that related portion of this website.


  1. By visiting this website and buying a product or service from this website, you agree to be bound by all the website and trade policies of the company.


  1. You confirm that you are over 18 years of age.



  1. You shall use this website only for purposes that are legal.


  1. The company reserves the right to revise or modify these terms at any time in the future, without notice. Therefore, users are encouraged to read the terms on a regular basis, while they visit the contents of this website. The most up to date policies are the ones published in this website.



  1. The company reserves the right of terminating access or providing restricted access to the content of this website to any or all of the users, at its discretion.


  1. The contents of this website are constantly updated and reviewed to ensure accurate information is passed on. However, the company does not accept any responsibility for the same.



  1. While every care is taken to ensure cyber security, the company does not make any representations or assumes responsibility for the website to be free from viruses and other harmful cyber threats.


  1. The company does not assume responsibility towards any customers or associates or any third party towards any pecuniary loss or loss of reputation or business due to use or inability to use any of the contents of this website.



  1. The company does not accept responsibility for or endorse the contents or security of any external website, linked from this website. Visiting the link is at the sole discretion and risk of the user.


  1. Any estimates or future projections, financial or otherwise provided in the website, though are projected using best information available and after careful research, they are still meant to be a guideline only and are subject to future uncertainty and might vary due to factors outside the control of the company. The company does not provide any guarantee for such projected results.



  1. All material and contents of this website are subject to copyright. They cannot be reproduce or modified, without the explicit permission of the company.


  1. All personal information provided shall be obtained, stored and used per the privacy term said down in this website.



  1. The user agrees that they shall not transmit any viruses or other harmful software to this website.


The terms of usage of this website is governed by Indian laws. Users irrevocably agree that any legal proceedings shall be brought to a court with jurisdiction in Bangalore, Karnataka.

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