Solar Power Generation
Solar Rooftop -On Grid System
Solar on grid power system is connected to the utility grid. This system generating electricity by solar PV power system which consists of solar panels, inverter(s), net meter, power and grid connection equipment. If you are generating more energy and your consumption is less, your excess energy will be sent to your respective grid line where you can build credit and earn money by using net meter. This system can be installed from small residential, commercial rooftop system to large utility scale solar power system.

i. You can generate your own power and can earn money
ii. Now government policies are providing many incentives to promote solar energy
iii. This solar system reduces power and petrol, diesel and other fuel consumption
iv. This is the most economically practical system where battery bank is not required
v. This system benefits to residential, commercial and industrial level also where power consumption is high
vi. This systems are low cost maintenance
vii. Using solar power is a way to make our environment pollution free

Solar Rooftop -Off Grid System
Solar off grid power system is not connected to the utility grid. Solar rooftop OFF grid power system is a very simple way to generate electricity with zero cost. The Solar PV panels converts sunlight into electricity. This clean, eco-friendly electricity is stored in the battery bank. The inverter then converts the D.C. Power into A.C. Power with 230 Volts output, which can be used to operate all standards of electrical equipment. This solar rooftop power system are available in various capacities depending upon the individual requirements. This system consist solar panels, inverter(s), meter, batteries & power connection equipment.

i. By installing solar rooftop power system you can save electricity and your invested money
ii. This system is best suitable where utility grid is not available
iii. OFF grid system also called stand-alone system as it is 100% independent of utility grid and it is using battery to store the energy for back up
iv. Solar power lowers carbon footprints and it is 100% natural, causes no pollution
v. It is ideal for all places where electricity is essential and it is low cost maintenance
vi. Using solar power is way to make our environment pollution free

Solar Street light
i. Kamal Solar street lights are designed in such a way so that it can perform in all-weather condition.
ii. Broad Coverage area of lighting & reduces light problem
iii. Solar street led light is available from 8w, 15w, 20w, 30w to 100w and any customized design
iv. It can be installed anywhere in a field or on a building
v. These are automatic dusk to dawn operated street light
vi. Solar Street lights are independent of the utility grid connection
vii. It Reduces dependency on electricity
viii. It can easily be carried out to remote area
ix. High Efficient Luminaries UV & Rain Proof. Vibration resistant Low Installation Cost
x. By using Kamal Solar Street Light you can save a significant amount on your electricity bills and other fuels, it’s a smart choice to invest in solar