150LPD FPC Pressurized Solar Water Heater

Inner Tank- Stainless Steel (Food Grade 304L) - Mild Steel Grit blasted and Hot Dip GalvanizedOuter CladdingColour Coated SheetTank InsulationPolyurethane Foam (PUF)Collector Riser TubeCopper (12.7mm)Collector Header TubeCopper (25.4mm)Absorber SheetsAluminumAbsorber CoatingHighly Selective Absorbing Black Chrome (Withstand up to 300°C) Absorptivity: 0.96 + 0.02 Emissivity: 0.12 + 0.02Collector InsulationGlass Wool/Resin Bonded RockwoolAccessoriesAir Release Valve, Non-Return Valve, Brass FittingOperating PressureUp to 6 BarsMaximum Number of People with Single Bathroom ConnectionSuggested 3Capacity 150LPD